Lumitact G700 vs. Other Tactical Flashlights

Tactical Flashlights have been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few months in the United States. This trend have started to expand to spread worldwide, after consumers starting praising their new gadgets.

Taclights were originally developed for and used by the Private Military and Security Consulting Corporations. The primary intent of this devices is to be lightweight and compact for easy usage. Having a high brightness, unbreakable and multi-functional flashlight.

The high density brightness, precision and reliability allow accurate and easy shooting when mounted on a weapon.
Also, theses flashlights, are much easier to mount on a firearm such a hand gun or a rifle  due to their small size and light weight.

Security forces have an interest of having an extra, backup arm weapon
This is provided with few features these flashlights have:

  • Sharp Bezel on the flashlights tip
  • Strobe lightning mode – able to disorient / neutralize opponent
  • Taser on Flashlight’s tip
  • Armored, strong flashlight body

Many suppliers contracting with the military, after being dropped, decided to release the flashlights to the open market, and sell this legal-to-carry arms weapon to the main public.

Among the manufacturers that we have spotted doing this are

  • LumiTact
  • ShadowHawk
  • SureFire
  • StreamLight
  • Vizeri
  • Solaray
    and few other Tactical Military Gear manufacturers.


Lumitact’s G700

Called the brightest led flashlight by its fans and owners, the brand new G700 is a military grade tool used in the military actions, until now. For this flashlight, a military technology has been used and it’s the first flashlight on the market so far that has much more useful features.  Those exact features make it more powerful and different than the others and this also allows the G700 tactical flashlight to spread quickly through the world of internet in the first place.

Being special in its features, the G700 led flashlight has a strong brightness capacity and that is one thing in particular which makes it more extraordinary than the previous one and is marketed particularly for those people that need to own a strong tactical flashlight in their life for emergency cases.

Being classified as a military grade tool, the Lumitac G700 Tactical Flashlight can only be bought online and you can do it by visiting

How does the G700 Led Flashlight Work?

As a mentioned in the previous paragraph, the G700 works perfectly in every emergency situation.  Having an integrated revolutionary led technology, the brightest flashlight has an ultra-high white brightness. The new concept gives the flashlight a lighting capacity of 700 lumens which makes it 7 times more powerful than the previous one and that’s why it’s called G700. This kind of technology is only being used in the military services and NASA.


Another thing that makes the people go mad for the flashlight is the design. The brightest led flashlight is being designed from aircraft aluminum. The material is used for military tools only and is a strong material that makes it insanely resistant to crashes.

The LED lamp integrated in the G700 gives it a long lasting battery life which can last up to 1200 hours. This is due to the high end telescopic lamp glass that also gives the flashlight brightness to 3,000 feet. This fantastic feature makes it one of the most durable and powerful flashlights on the market.

The last but not the least feature that makes the G700 so fascinating is the Double – A batteries which are rechargeable. This feature makes your life a lot easier in a way that you won’t have to change batteries ever again with the Lumitac G700 Tactical Flashlight. The only thing you need to do is to put it on a charger and wait for a less than an hour to be fully charged and ready to use.


What are the benefits of G700 led flashlight in everyday life?

Having a flashlight that is durable at your home can have long-term benefits. Using your new Lumitac G700 Tactical Flashlight can change your life in every unexpected situation. Whether there is a fire, or a power blackout or even a rain the G700 will save your life, literally due to the fact that has a waterproof body and also because of its SOS signals that are excellent in survival situations. What you need to do is send an emergency SOS signal or blink for multiple times.